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When someone in your family has been diagnosed with ADHD, it's likely that there are other family members with the condition.

IF you have a ...
Child with ADHD, your risk is 29% Parent with ADHD 57%
Brother or Sister with ADHD 21%

For many adults, it's only when accompanying their child to the doctor that they realize the core symptoms of ADHD are the same symptoms they had when they were children. They may even recognize that these traits are currently causing problems in their work, family, and social lives.


ADHD is a treatable disorder. Up to 70% of children with ADHD who have been treated with stimulants, the most commonly prescribed medication for ADHD, have shown improvement. Stimulant medications have a history of nearly 70 years of medical use.

These medications have also been shown to start working quickly. In fact, some parents have seen improvement within the first week of treatment. Long-acting medications can be taken in one daily dose, so children can see improvement from morning to homework and family time.

Experts agree that the best treatment for ADHD involves a combination of approaches, including behavioral therapy and medication. Talk to your physician about developing a treatment plan that is best for your child. This can help your child have more opportunities for success in life---and achieve his or her potential